What is Psychotherapy and How does it work?

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Many believe that seeing a psychologist is only for people suffering from a mental illness. However, you may be surprised to learn that psychotherapy has a multitude of benefits for everyone. Therapy is no...

Therapy is a unique relationship between two people. One of the primary factors for successful therapy is the feeling of safety and trust within the therapy space. For this reason, it is important that you...


People are often confused by the different types of Psychologists, along with their relevant areas of expertise. Haley Swartz from Meaningful Minds Psychologists takes a brief look at Educational Psycholo...



During my time in practice, I have noticed that many clients come into therapy with an idea of what therapy is. This idea is commonly adopted from TV programmes or movies with an often incomplete underst...


You are going through a difficult period in your life and decide that you may benefit from a little extra support. Hence, you consult with trusty Google for psychologists in your area. Your search reveals...

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Psychologists practice in different ways. Susan Sluiter discusses her view of therapy in this informative video.

An interesting video by the School of life on how psychotherapy could be the most significant thing you do to improve your life.


Find out what psychotherapy is with Clinical Psychologist Chevonne Powell.

Watch this compelling TedTalk by Dr Leslie Carr on her experience of psychotherapy and why it is  incredibly valuable.

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